Friday, August 7, 2009

Is It Fair?

Hello, Gifted Education Teachers and others interested in gifted education in West Virginia. Please post a comment about the "Is It Fair" article in the newsletter.


  1. I agree Vickie. One size definitely does not fit all. Comparison to music and sports makes the point quite well!
    Cindy (Berkeley County)

  2. Interesting article. It may be helpful to show parents when they want students out of gifted because it is too much work. I always use the phrase mentioned about "equal", giving the same work to all students with different abilities is not equal and my job is to make the work challenging enough in my gifted class as students in regular education without the gifted abilities my students have. I do tell parents that I want students to feel challenged and stressed but there is a fine line between good stress and too much stress. That is where the parents come in and good communication between parents and myself. I explain that the individualization allows us to gear expectations towards each student individually.

    Good place to share. Thanks Vicki!